Leitenberger is an established, innovative and highly effective development partner in the following sectors and supports renowned OEMs and suppliers with product development.

  • Refrigeration

  • Industrial measurement technology

  • Industrial testing technology

Our engineers support development: from the idea to the series-produced product. Thanks to our expertise in the fields of design, construction, trialling, simulation and prototyping, we are able to offer both complete solutions and partial developments.


State-of-the-art is a must. And practical know-how matters too. This gives us room for innovation and our customers a decisive edge over the competition when it comes to measuring and analysis equipment for manufacturers and their workshops.

At Leitenberger we find solutions for all types of applications, construct samples and develop prototypes up to series production. We produce our devices as well as almost all components ourselves. With a vertical integration that surprises even our long-standing customers time and again.

Develop technologie

We can do even more for you:

  • Prototype construction
  • 3D print models
  • Software programming
  • PCB assembly
  • CNC machining
  • ISO calibration
  • Customised packing on request
  • Screen printing
  • Laser marking
  • Series production