Draw Hand Pump

Hand Pumps

  • Hand pumps for suctioning, transfilling or dosing of liquids like Diesel, oil or water.
  • Our series HAP 20 / HAP 21 and their specifications offer a wide range of application possibilities, a very good one-man handling and due to the special construction a pump pressure of approx. 15 bar.
  • Our series HAP with the double adaptor at the transfilling pump cylinder enables the user to transfill liquids in one go. By pulling the pump handle the liquid will be sucked into the pump cylinder and by pushing the pump handle the liquid will be pressed out off the pump cylinder.
  • A footplate at the types 600 F and 3000 F makes pumping easier by using both hands. 
  • Our series HAP-02 with just one adaptor makes this types usable for suctioning or filling.
  • Our series HDP is made of clear PLEXIGLAS with a ml- scale on the body, especially de-signed for precise measurement fo suctioned liquids or exact dosing of liquids to be supplied. 

Caution! Not suitable for petrol, fuel, brake fluid, acids or alkaline solutions.