Draw of a refrigeration Pressure Gauges

Cooling manometer

Pressure is the result of a force acting on a surface. The magnitude of the pressure on the reference surface results exclusively from the force component perpendicular to the surface. The pressure gauges are available with different measuring ranges, in different measuring units and in different materials. The measuring range is divided into bar and PSI and scales are printed for all common types of refrigerant. Combinations of the desired refrigerants can be made on customer request. Different types of connections and fastenings can be selected optionally.


  • Diameter of the pressure gauge
  • Housing material
  • Material of the interior / connection
  • Thread size
  • Mounting options
  • accuracy
  • Customer options:
  • Your logo
  • Combination of refrigerant scales
  • Now also available with R 452A - the ozone-free refrigerant with significantly improved environmental properties