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Draw Hand Pump

Barrel Extraction Pump

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Barrel Extraction Pump (HAP 20)

  • Barrel extraction pump, made of aluminium suitable for use with fluids such as diesel, oils, water, etc.
  • made of aluminium
  • with integrated filter
  • height adjustable
  • For the extraction process, insert the vacuum pipe into the opening of the container (canister, drum) until it reaches the bottom.
  •  The pump is supplied with a vertically adjustable foot, permitting use with containers of a variety of sizes.
  • The manually operated pump, with an integrated filter in the suction pipe, can be used with openings of 45 mm in diameter and upwards. Supplied with a transparent pressure hose.
  • hose diameter: 20 mm, with screw coupling.
  • hose length: 1.40 m