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Draw Hand Pump

Hand Transfilling Pump with Double Connector and Baseplate

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Hand Transfilling Pump (HAP 600_F)

  • Transfilling pump with double connector and baseplate
  • They are suitable for extracting of transferring fluids such as: brake fluid, diesel, heating oil, various type of oil (hydraulic fluid, engine oil, machine oil, synthetic oil) and water.
  • Twin connections on the cylinder permit fluids to be transferred in a single operation. Pulling the handle causes the fluid to be drawn into the pump cylinder via the suction side, then discharged through the delivery side when the handle is depressed.
  • In the case of HAP 600_F, the pumping process is made easier by the precence of a baseplate.
  •  hand operated transfilling pump   with double connector
  • baseplate
  • volume approx. 600 ml / stroke
  • 2 hoses each 500 mm
  • sucking side with female nut G 3/8“


Type Bestell-Nr. ml
HAP 600 F P-HAP600_F 600