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Hand Transfilling Pump

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Hand Transfilling Pump (HAP 21_LR)

  • Hand Transfilling pump in aluminium design
  • HAP 21_LR with 1/4 SAE connection. Can be used for media such as various types of oil, non flammable and non-aggressive liquids, corrosion-free, maximum achievable pressure 30 bar, pump volume 400 ml/stroke
  • When using the hand pump, it is possible, for example, to pump oil directly out of the container into the crankcase or a refrigeration compressor. Thanks to the union nut for canister fitting, the pump seals off the container and can remain on the container until it is completely emptied.
  • barrel extraction pump
  • height adjustable
  • made of aluminium
  • with union nut for canister fitting
  • connection: 1/4 SAE, brass
  • dimensions: Ø 25 mm, length 400 - 700 mm
  • hub: approx. 270 mm