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Transfilling Pump HAP 21 Master Kit

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Transfilling Pump HAP 21 Master Kit (HAP-21 CMK)

  • Transfilling pump Barrel pump manually, for oil, brake fluid and other non flammable and non aggressive fluids.
  • Example of use „Service a/c compressor“: The compressor oil is pumped out from the canister into the crankcase, without letting air or humidity into the circuit of the refrigerator. An evacuation of the refrigeration compressor is not necessary.
  • Master Kit HAP 21 C Robust PVC case, black with:
  • HAP 21 C                        pump
  • HAP21C_Konus50/35    rubber cone 50/35
  • HAP21C_Schl-Konus     3 rubber cones for tube 30/15; 40/20; 50/35
  • HAP21C_Schl-SAE         tube 900 mm, with 1/4 SAE connection  (yellow, blue or red)
  • HAP21C_Schl-PVC         tube, PVC clear, 7x1.5; 1.000 mm with 1/4 BSP
  • weight:                            approx. 1kg
  • dimensions:                   400 x 300 x 70 mm