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Adapter for Hand Pumps

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Adapter for Hand Pumps (HAPA / Adapter)

  • Adapter for HAP 02 und HDP
  • These adapters will enable you to do your job even in tight or hidden places easily.
  • While using the adapter the tube connection of the hand pump will be replaced by the required HAP-adapter (HAPA). Connection 1/4“.
  • Adapter no. 8 and no. 9 are with tube connector and can be used together with the delivered tube.
1HAPA_G 600/10Adapter gerade60010
2HAPA_G 200/10Adapter gerade20010
3HAPA_G 090/10Adapter gerade9010
4HAPA_G 130/06Adapter gerade1306
5HAPA_W 250/10Winkeladapter 30°25010
6HAPA_W 200/10Winkeladapter 30°20010
7HAPA_W 130/10Winkeladapter 30°13010
8HAPA_SW 135/8

Winkeladapter kurz 135°

+ Schlauchanschluss

9HAPA_SD 180/8

Rundadapter 180°\r\n

+ Schlauchanschluss