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SPG 501_007

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SPG 501_007 FC - 0..5V (SPG 501_007)

  • The SPG 501_007 is replacing the follwing components within the refrigeration cycle:
    • 2 mechanical refrigeration pressure gauges (high and low pressure)
    • 2 pressure transmitter 0..5V (high and low pressure)
    • 2 digital outputs to control AC-condensing fans
    • double pressure switch to control the compressor from the low and high pressure side                           
  • The version SPG 501_007 - Standard is suitable for the following refrigerants: R134a, R404a, R407c, R22, R407f, R410a, R448, R449 und R507.
  • Other refrigerants are available on request.

Zu allen SPG-Versionen ist ein Wandhalter mit 4 Schrauben erhältlich.